5 Ways to Best Interact with Your Dog & Create Deeper Connection

5 Ways to Best Interact with Your Dog & Create Deeper Connection

We all know that human-animal interaction benefits humans on many levels including reducing anxiety and creating companionship. However, did you know that dogs receive an equal amount of benefit when humans interact with them? Research shows that when dogs look into our eyes, a hormonal bonding happens similar to when a mother looks into an infant’s eyes. Dogs need us as much as we need them.

With our busy lifestyles, sometimes it can feel as though interaction with our dog is impossible. One recommendation we have is to bring your furry friend into the things you enjoy. Are you a sports fanatic? Make your pup a part of the game fun! Are you quarantined at home with the kids? Bring your furry friend to class!

Below you will find the top five ways to interact with your dog. As passionate dog lovers, we’ve experienced memorable interactions with our furry friends over the years and this is exactly why we created a brand that encourages it. Once you get through the list, let us know which ones work for you and your dog. Join the conversation on our interactive, dog-loving Facebook Group.

# 5 Visit the Dog Park

Do you want your dog to think of you as their hero? Take them on a quick trip to the dog park and their love for you will never be greater! Not only do dogs enjoy sticking their head out the window on car rides, but they really enjoy running free with other dogs. Studies show that social interaction is healthy and encouraged for those who want a long, fulfilling life; and that’s for both humans and dogs. Our favorite part about visiting the dog park is meeting like-minded dog lovers who usually offer up their latest favorite find for their pet.

# 4 Start a Walking Routine

The obvious benefit to taking your dog on a walk is the exercise it promotes for both of you. However, a walking routine also tells your dog that they are important enough for you to take time out of your busy day to spend it specifically with them. It is quality time with their human. In addition to quality time, it helps your dog to exert some of their bottled up energy, which ultimately makes relaxing so much easier.

Many dog lovers worry that walking their dogs could be frustrating when an unknown neighbor

approaches them… but we say… let the dog help you build community! Knowing your

neighbors is a good thing. If you’re friendly enough, they might even share their toilet paper at the next pandemic.

#3 Play Fetch

Don’t be fooled…Dogs know that you’re busy. They live for the attention of their humans. Ten minutes of playing fetch every day with your furry friend will result in a deep and unbreakable bond. Dogs know that fetch is all about them. Playing fetch is a guaranteed way to make them feel loved, special, and happy! It only takes ten minutes of designated playtime… in the yard or if you dare… in the house.

Dogs will play fetch with anything. Tennis balls, dog bones, chew sticks, or even our Mangled Mascots plush toys. All you have to do is get excited with them, show them the toy, and toss it! They will recognize that you are excited about whatever you tossed… and they live to make you happy. Most of the time, dogs pick up on fetch within just a few seconds. The key is to be excited with them!

Dogs love physical attention just like humans. Affection with your dog could mean snuggling, petting, or simply holding them in your lap. Snuggling reminds your pup that you are their human and that you’re not going anywhere. It also reminds them that they are loved.

Your dog may need a moment to warm up to the idea of being held. One method we’ve found to ease into a snuggle routine is to lie on the floor. Get comfortable and stay there for a while. Let your dog approach you and be the first to make a move! Ha! We are not kidding. By lying on the floor, you’ve gotten on their level which tells them you want interaction. Once you do this a few times… your dog will be sitting in your lap, sleeping in your bed, and begging for back scratches.

#1 Include Your Dog in What You Love

This is our favorite and top method to increase connection. Get your dog involved with something that is important to you. That could be sporting events, the election, quarantine homeschooling, your favorite team, etc.

Mangled Mascots was created specifically to encourage interaction on special occasions so that memories could be formed. It all started when our founder, Keith Gober, desired more connection with his Golden, Lucy. He ran to the local pet store to grab a University of Tennessee dog toy.. in hopes that the toy would bring Lucy into the game hype with the family. When Keith arrived at the store… he couldn’t find anything branded to his team. After attempting the toy purchase at several stores… he gave up on finding it… only to eventually sew the OG of Mangled Mascots toys.

So we ask… what do you love? How can you get your dog more involved with what you love? Head on over to our shop where you can find your favorite sports team themed product or even create your own custom one. Our precious pups won’t be around forever… let’s create

memories while we can!