A True Furry Love Story: Keith & Lucy

A True Furry Love Story: Keith & Lucy

Have you ever noticed that special bond between a man and his dog? Keith Gober, the founder of Mangled Mascots, has always kept furry best friends. The story of how Mangled Mascots came about is pretty special and showcases the brand’s love for dogs. Check out Keith’s story of how Mangled Mascots came about.

In the letter below, Keith explains how having a dog in his life has helped him to live a better life. Let us know what you think and make sure you join more conversations like this in the Mangled Mascots Passionate Dog Lovers Group .

A letter from our Founder
We created Mangled Mascots to strengthen the bond between Lucy and our family by including her in those times where the family was together enjoying watching our favorite teams. We wanted Lucy to tear up her toys during the game and especially the toys with our opponents on them.

Looking back on my life dogs and my interaction with them brings wonderful memories flooding back. As a kid growing up in the country, I took my dogs everywhere with me. They made me laugh and learn the value of close bonds.The names of Lucy, Lady, Rascal, Daisey, Buck and
Duke will remind me of those very special and life altering moments we created together.

The power of pets is more than an amazing bond, it has great physical and mental health effects. Studies from many top universities such as Harvard, Vanderbilt, and Texas A & M show benefits that limit heart disease, cortisol levels, and beneficial hormones can be released that induce a sense of joy, goodwill, and happiness. Additionally, the mental health aspects of
relationship building, trust, and it can reduce the feelings of loneliness.

Some of my favorite moments now are the times I get to spend with Lucy. We just sit and look at the sunset just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

I encourage you to find a few moments each week to just sit with your dog and feel the physical and mental impact in your life. I also hope that you utilize our products to create a strong bond and memories with your pet.

Keith Gober | a passionate dog lover